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OMG...OMG...OMG....Kathryn, I am shaking with excitement at these photos. They are incredible. As I scroll through the blog, they just keep getting better. I can't believe you got all those amazing shots of the girls. You are amazing. Can't wait to see the whole gallery and see these photos all over our home. Thank you SO SO much!!!

Kathryn, These are amazing (especially given his refusal to sleep). Thanks so much for your time on Sunday. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family! ~ Shannon

Hello Kathryn !! ~ I'm speechless :) I was thinking if emailing u last night to thank you for your time but you beat me to it. These pictures are PRICELESS !! I am soooo happy with them! You are very talented and I am beyond pleased with the blog. My sister in laws friend is due is 4 weeks and will be contacting you for photos! I can not wait to see the rest and will definitely be contacting you soon for more photos! ~Caroline

Oh my gosh Kathryn...these photos bring tears to my eyes. You have captured her perfectly! I cannot thank you enough! As a mom, you think of your child as beautiful, but these pictures are stunning....can I say that about my own daughter? I am so incredibly proud of the young woman she has become, and I cannot wait to share these with our family. Thank you again! ~ Lisa

We've had two sessions with Kathryn and they were by far the best photography sessions we've ever had. We were impressed, delighted, and completely satisfied with both the sessions and the results. Kathryn was consummately professional leading up to the sessions, working with us to arrange a mutually convenient date and place, and conducting herself during the session with patience (we have three very active young boys), enthusiasm, and flexibility. Her ability to blend posed photos with the more active, natural photos was refreshing and welcome. We first met in a public park where she let the boys be themselves and captured their genuine smiles, expressions, and gestures without the stress and rigidity of posing. The results were magical. The pictures were glimpses of the boys' true personalities, just the way we want to capture and preserve them. Unlike the typical portrait studio moments where the photographer is struggling to get everybody smiling simultaneously, Kathryn was able to attract the boys' attentions and get them to focus on her when we all sat down for the family photographs. Her artistic perspective and photographer's concerns (light and shadow) were evident when we saw the final results. Recently Kathryn came to our home to photograph our newborn daughter. Again, she was flexible and accommodating during scheduling and displayed patience when our baby was not being fully cooperative. Again she demonstrated her artistic quality, flexibility as it concerns the various shots, and open-mindedness to our suggestions as well. Credit should be given to Kathryn not just for her fantastic skills with a camera, but also for her personality. She makes the experience enjoyable and fruitful because of her innate ability to put her subjects at ease or to go with the tide of the moment. We would not consider using anybody else to photograph our family. ~Richard & Erin

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